Madinat al-Zahra or Medina Azahara in Cordoba (Spain)


        Madinat al–Zahra or the Brilliant City, for the Muslim’s, was built in the outskirt ofInformation Panels the cordovan wood land (in Chabdal Al-Arus or "Mount of the Bride") in the northeast part of the city. It is one of the most important archaeological complex of Spain and it was built under the order of Caliph Abd al–Rahman III, an-Násir (the Winner).
        Madinat al-Zahra was thought as a new site for the government of the Caliphate, an as caliph’s residence. Not only it was a palace, but a real city with a complex urbanization in which internal part, the civil and military administration was run. The palace city was turned into the symbol of the independence from the Oriental Islamic Caliphates, the Abbasid one of Damascus and the Fatimid of Egypt.
        With its construction, Abd al-Rahman III showed his power and the deserved title of Caliph: in 929 he proclamed himself as the highest political a religious leader ofInformation Panels Islam, prince of believers and for reason he deserved to live in a luxurious palace that represented the symbolism and greatness of his dignity.
        Though for understanding the importance of the Palace-City, that is one of the most original muslim monuments; nor, its orientation neither its structure was changed; so its rest allow us to have a clear idea of its plan.
        Madinat al-Zahra is one of the main reasons for making Córdoba to deserve the title of “Cultural Capital 2016”; and though the Mosque-Cathedral could enough, it necessary to spread our cultural patrimony abroad. Besides being city of the Humanity Patrimony, Córdoba has to show its modernity worldwide. For this reason, though the knowledge of our history andOverview of Medina Azahara monuments is possible.
        The aim of the webpage is to show to the public a general knowledge of the artistic and historical patrimony in a rigorous and simple way. This not only for specialized people but for everybody. A wide range of graphic material is given; they come from investigation or taken or site.
        Moreover in this presentation we will explain the history of the Caliphate “Cordoba in the X Century”. Then we will make a sintex of archaeological investigation of Madinat al-Zahra. Then a general description of the site, followed by a wide analysis of the rests.

Text: Jesús Pijuán.

Traslated by Sara Moretti