Sefarad House - Memory Home

         The Sefarad House- Memory Home was born in Cordoba in the spring of 2004 in order to rescue from the oblivion a Jewish legacy that since their expulsion from our country in 1492 by the Christian Kings they were going to be forgotten over the years.
        Sebastian de la Obra, a librarian of the house, said, shortly before the inauguration, that came to honor a "historic debt" that our city had for many years with his past, having been "Capital of Sefarad", "it has the better Jewish quarter conserved of Europe", "and a great number of poets, philosophers and Jewish writers".
        The Sefarad House is put in the middle of the Jewish quarter, in the Judios Street,  a few meters away from the Synagogue. The building was built in the XIV century, and during the XIX century it was a neighbours house, being restored some years before to keep the museum.
        Referring to the organization of the museum, there are five lounges put around a courtyard, a central one, like the other cordovan houses of the XIX century. The lounges, as we analyze briefly in section, are dedicated to the domestic life, the women of Al-Andalus, the festivals, etc....
        On the other hand, the house is not centred only for the visit but it also receives those who are related to the study of the Jewish culture of our city, as reflected in its extensive library. In addition, frequently held in their facilities Sephardic music concerts, theater performances and other cultural events.