Patios of Viana Palace Guided Tour

The guided tour to the patios (courtyards) of Viana Palace is probably the most complete one of those we dedicate to the patios in Cordoba, as it not only deals with the popular patios a neighbours' house, but it also covers the majestic patio, an aspect which is not that well-known but has an undeniable historical and artistic value. ... [+ INFO] You will learn about the oldest popular patios in Córdoba, a muslim patio, one following the taste of the 19th century, more majestic ones, the stunning french-stye garden… Ultimately, if you wish to know about the patio in Cordoba from its broadest idea, do not hesitate to choose the guided tour to the Patios of Viana Palace. We can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Once the guided tour to the different patios is finished, you will be able to enter the inside of the palace, a really luxurious museum, a faithful analysis of the aristocracy from Córdoba between the 16th to the 20th century. We will finish our guided tour by offering you a drink and a tapa.
  • Courtyard of the Gate in Viana Palace
  • Main Courtyard or Reception in Viana Palace
  • Courtyard of the Orange Trees in Viana Palace
  • Courtyard of the Bars in Viana Palace
  • Detail of the Courtyard of the Madama in Viana Palace
  • Courtyard of the Columns in Viana Palace
  • Courtyard of the Pool in Viana Palace
  • Courtyard of the Well in Viana Palace
  • Courtyard of the Archive in Viana Palace
Adults: 18€ (ticket included).
Children (11-13): 5€ (ticket included).
Children (< 11): Free.
Tuesday to Saturday.
16:00 hours.
2 hours.
Main door of the Viana Palace (outside).
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Spanish or English.
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