Collaborate with us

There are many functions to develop our website, hence all help is little, and of course, recognized. The bulk of the work has been done by three people, starting with the design of the portal and programming, through the elaboration of texts or almost 3,000 photographs with which we started from the beginning, and ending with videos (more than 150) on the Holy week of our city.

As you will have been able to appreciate, we are still left to culminate. In addition, and of course in a website that deals, in part, with tourism, it is our intention to translate it into as many languages as possible, so the task will be long. On the other hand, if you look, each text, each video, each translation (when there are) will be accompanied by the signature of its author, to make it clear the authorship.

From the human group of we encourage you to collaborate in the project. In case you decide to do so, you can go to the following email address:

If you know of any cultural activity that is going to take place in our city and you want it to appear in our Cultural Diary or Blog to distribute it, you just have to send us an email with all the data and, if possible, a photograph of the event, to this email address:

In addition, if you want to send us your photographs of Cordoba or activities of our city, we will put it in the section "Virtual Gallery", with the name of the author, and the description you want (optional).