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Cordoba Free Tour

Discover the Historic Center

Free Tours in Cordoba… Discover the Historic Center!

If you want to know the Historic Center of Cordoba in an entertaining, fun and rigorous way… Do not hesitate! Book your tour for free and enjoy a unique experience in a World Heritage Site!

Free Walking Tour Cordoba

5 / 5
1,5 - 2 horas approx
Free Booking

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Nigthly Cordoba Free Tour

5 / 5
1,5 - 2 hours approx
Free Booking

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Underground Cordoba Free Tour

5 / 5
2 hours approx
Free Booking

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Dramatized Cordoba Free Tour

5 / 5
2 hours approx
Free booking

What will you discover in a free tour?

You have two free tours to get to know the Historic Center of Cordoba, one of them is in the morning, and the other one at night. The Roman Bridge, the Triumphs of St Raphael, Flowers street, the monument for patios owners, the narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter… Book your tour and enjoy!

Frequently asked questions about Free Tours in Cordoba

What is a Free Tour?

A free tour is a guided tour without  an established previous cost, it means that you can do a free booking. Once you have finished the tour, We ask you to value the work of our team, giving an economic contribution.

Doing a Free Tour of Cordoba is the best way to find yourself in the city, from the historical point of view and location, you will know how to move around the city after taking the guided tours.

How much do you have to pay on a Free Tour?

There is no specific number, each person contributes what they consider appropriate. Free Tour literally means “free tour”, that is, you can feel completely free to pay what you deem fair. 

Remember that we are professionals! All of our guides have their pertinent qualifications. We work hard for you to enjoy a unique experience.

How to book a Free Tour?

Booking a free tour in Cordoba is very easy! You just have to select the visit that you like the most, choose the date, enter your personal data and… Reserved! You will automatically receive an email with the confirmation and the voucher.

It is an easy process and it does not have any cost. Of course, we beg you that if later you cannot attend the appointment, please cancel the tour.

Can I do the visit with children and / or pets?

Children are always welcome, all our free tours in Cordoba are designed to be enjoyed by everyone. We adapt the content thinking in adults but without forgetting the little ones… Enjoy a family experience!

Pets are allowed on all tours we do through the Historic Center. In the case of the Cordoba Underground Free Tour, it is not allowed, because we enter inside some special places, which pets are not recommended.

All the information about the places you will visit in our Cordoba Free Tours… In a click!

If you want more information about the city monuments before starting your free tours, you have here the most complete guide redacted by tour guides and historians

More than 2.000 articles!



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