When you face a text in which you have to thank to have been able to achieve a goal of the caliber of this website, you fear that someone can stay behind, because there are numerous people who have contributed their bit. We hope not to disappoint.

ArtenCórdoba is a portal that began in September 2006, a web of considerable magnitudes for what was then done, if we stick to tourism and culture websites. The site had more than 3,000 photographs of the main monuments, sites of interest festivities of the city of Cordoba, and 500 pages of complex texts about our monuments. Undoubtedly it was an arduous work but, undoubtedly, has been rewarded throughout these years thanks to the acceptance of the people of Cordoba, Spain and the world.

This first website was realized by three people: the current managers of the company, Pilar Ramírez and Juan A. Soto, and our dear friend Jesus Pijuán, fantastic historian, and best person. Jesus wrote many of the texts we still enjoy. We can not forget the archaeologist Fran Peña and his writings on the Roman Córdoba, thank you.

The website was soon consolidated to have more than a thousand unique visitors on average, data that we never expected, and that we were very proud, because it is the best indicator of the interest that our city awakens around the world.

In December 2012, and by chance of life, ArtenCórdoba takes a significant turn in its trajectory, from being an altruistic portal that provided cultural and tourist information to offer guided tours made by art historians. It was then that we created a fantastic working group and we are promoting a consolidated project today. Thanks to all those people who helped make this project possible.

We remember David Gibert, Mercedes Valverde, Florencio Quintero, Teo Fernández, Pilar de Gabriel, Jesus Coca ... Thanks to these and other people today we can carry out our activity as what we are, historians, that day by day we put at the disposal of those who wish our wide and contrasted knowledge. Thanks to the Cordoba Tourism Consortium for recognizing our worth and giving us the opportunity to work for Cordoba.

Thanks to our sponsors, with whom we collaborate closely daily, the group of restaurants Puerta Sevilla ... in short, just have to see our page to observe that there are many companies in Cordoba that bet on the quality of ArtenCórdoba. We will not let you down.

We say goodbye to you, the user of ArtenCórdoba, the internet user, to visit us, to want to know more about Cordoba, for wanting to enjoy what we are passionate about. Thank you.