Guided Tour Cordoba in Depth

If you want to know Cordoba in depth, and do an extensive and quality tour where the rigor is common denominator, and at the same time entertaining and fun, Cordoba in Depth is our recommendation. You will walk around the streets of Cordoba accompanied by a historian and enjoying its history and monuments. Lose yourself with us ... [+ INFO] in the irregular layout of the streets of the Jewish Quarter, where we pay special attention to the Synagogue, the Local Souk and the Monument to Musa ibn Maymun (Maimonides). Later, we will visit the Chapel of San Bartolomé (St. Bartholomew), an authentic jewel of Mudejar art, inspired by Al-Andalus. The next appointment will be in the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, a fortress that served as living place of the Christian Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando, for more than eight years. After a short rest, the Mosque-Cathedral, the most important monument of our city. At the end we will invite you to a typical tapa and a beer.
  • Arches and columns into the Mosque-Cathedral
  • Arches and columns into the Mosque-Cathedral
  • Main Altar of the Mosque-Cathedral
  • Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs
  • Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs
  • Chapel of San Bartolomé
  • Maimónides' Monument
  • Local Souk
Adults: 40€ (tickets included).
Adults (+65): 35€ (tickets included).
Children (10-14): 20€ (tickets included).
Children (< 10): Free.
Tuesday to Sunday.
10:00 hours.
4 hours.
Door of Forgiveness of the Mosque-Cathedral (door of the tower).
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Spanish or English.
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