Offer Pack "Monumental Cordoba"

If you want to know Cordoba in depth, or you have considered booking several guided tours, this pack can be very helpful, which brings together 3 of the main tours we made. The first would be "Córdobain Depth", an exhaustive tours to the monumental surroundings of the city, where you can see the Mosque-Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter... [+ INFO], the Mudejar Chapel and the Alcazar. The second tour is Medina Azahara, essential for those who want to know the history of Córdoba of the X Century. The pack is completed with the ""Night Tour thought the History of Córdoba", complementary to the "Córdoba in Depth", and it is made for you can know the rest of the Historical Center of the city. With these 3 tours we guarantee you will enjoy an authentic experience. But how to book them? In what order? You must fill out the form below and tell us what day you want to do "Córdoba in Depth", when the application arrives us, we will respond by offering the different alternatives for the other tours.
  • Inside the Mosque-Cathedral
  • Dome of the space that precedes the Mihrab of the Mosque-Cathedral
  • Inside the Synagogue of Cordoba
  • Maimonides monument
  • Mudejar Chapel of Saint Bartolomew
  • Adarve of the Christian Alcazar
  • Basilical Hall of Medina Azahara
  • Great Eastern Archade of Medina Azahara
  • Tour of Cordoba at Night
  • Potro Square at night
Adults: 70€ (tickets included).
Adults (+65): 65€ (tickets included).
Children (5-12): 35€ (tickets included).
Children(< 5): Free.
Cordoba in Depth: Tuesday to Sunday.
Medina Azahara: Tuesday to Sunday.
Night Tour: Monday to Sunday.
Depend on the tour.
See in the link of every tour
See in the link of every tour
Spanish or English, never bilingual.

This pack is only to online booking in our web and payment by card or transfer.
* A booking in advance is required (call +34 692 356 398 or fill in the form)
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