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The Sale Package “Patios of Cordoba” is the ideal option for those who want to know everything about the Festival of the Patios of Cordoba, declared World Heritage, and already by the way the main monuments of the city.

The various guided tours will always be led by historians and expert tour guides in the various monuments.

Patio Cordobés de la Calle San Basilio, 44 (antes 50)

In this complete pack we propose 3 guided tours: Mosque of Cordoba and Jewish Quarter, Medina Azahara (with bus) and the Popular Patios.

The “Popular Patios of Cordoba Guided Tour” aims to get to know one of the most deeply rooted festivities in the people of Cordoba. We will visit several of the most awarded patios of the popular contest that is celebrated in May.

The “Mosque of Cordoba y Jewish Quarter Guided Tour” is an essential visit. It starts at the Mosque-Cathedral, and continues with a walk through the famous Jewish Quarter, stopping at the Synagogue, the Artisans’ Souk and the Maimonides Monument. 

The “Medina Azahara Guided Tour” is the perfect complement to the guided tour to the Mosque-Cathedral, ideal for those who wish to know the history of Al-Andalus.

But how can you book and benefit from the discount? Go to the calendar and select the date you wish to take the “Popular Patios Guided Tour”, make the booking. When we receive your request, we will respond by offering you the different alternatives for the rest of the activities that make up the package.

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Quick and easy booking



Children (13-10)

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Days available

Popular Patios: Mo, Tu, Fr and Sa (during the competition 2 daily shifts, morning and afternoon).

Mosque of Cordoba and Jewish Quarter: Tuesday to Sunday.

Medina Azahara: Tuesday to Sunday.

Customer’s reviews after doing our sale package

5/5  star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5

I’m from Cordoba and I decided to do some of your tours to show my friends from abroad my city and it was a great idea! I recommend it 100%. Both the guide Saray and Maria were charming and very good in their explanations. Thank you!

Barbara ,September 13, 2021

5/5  star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5

I went on holiday to Cordoba and booked a guided tour to get to know the history of the city. The guides helped me to get to know the city much better, you can tell they are expert historians. When I return to Cordoba I will come back to book some of your tours.

Paco ,November 1st, 2021

5/5  star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5 star 5

Highly recommendable experience. The guide, María, introduced us in 2 hours to a city we didn’t know before…. We walked around the main tourist attractions, with useful recommendations for a more in-depth visit on our own. We had a very pleasant time.

Juan Ramon, October 15th, 2021

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All the information about the monuments you will visit in your Sale Package… in just one click!

Discover everything that surrounds the monuments and sites that interest you, those that make up the guided tours and your Sale Package Patios of Cordoba“. All the articles are written by our team of tour guides and historians.

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Coutyard San Basilio Street, 14

Jewsih Quarter of Cordoba

Coutyard Tinte Street, 9


The Mosque of Alhaken II

Great Eastern Arcade

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