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Tasting of Montilla-Moriles White Wine

The Wine Tasting of Montilla-Moriles Festival has become with time one of the events that has generated more general expectancy in May in Córdoba. It is undoubtedly one of the most successful events due to the relevance of the wine industry in our province.

The “Tasting of Wine“, as it is popularly known, is a trade fair promoted by the Regulating Board of Montilla-Moriles, and there have been 31 editions.

The event lasts for approximately five days, and it takes place a week before the May Crosses, which means that, some years, it can take place even in April, like in 2014.

Throughout the time, it has been held in different places, such as the old Faculty of Veterinary, the gardens on Carlos Cano Street, and it has been held for some years in the outdoor space dedicated to events in Merced Palace, where the Provincial Government of Córdoba is located.

The participating wineries set their stands, where several wines can be tasted. This stands are arranged in a closed space with a floor covered in pipeclay, among which we can mention: Bodegas Toro AlbaláTaberna La MontillanaRestaurante La BartolaCooperativa La AuroraBodegas El Gallo…, and up to more than thirty stands set by very well-known establishments in our city and province.

The different wines belong to the Protected Designation of Origin Montilla-Moriles, where we can find the following wines: “Young white” wines, with fruity and dry bouquet, with an ABV between 10 and 12. Other variety is “Fino”, a pale and dry wine, a bit bitter, with an ABV of 15, it is a good wine to drink with a good tapa. The “Amontillado” is a dry, soft and filling wine, with a hazelnut bouquet and an ABV between 16 to 18, although the oldest ones can get to 22, it is the ideal wine to be drunk with nuts, ham, cheese or the best foie. The wine “Oloroso” has plenty of body, it is filling and velvety, dry, and its ABV is between 16 and 18, although the oldest ones can get to 20, perfect for accompanying pasta, blue cheese and red meat. Another exquisite wine is “Pedro Ximénez”, which is a naturally sweet wine, real honey from grapes, it is a dense wine, full of pleasant varied and sweet flavours. Other interesting wines with a minimum ABV between 13 to 15 are “Pale Dry”, “Medium”, “Pale Cream” and “Cream”.

The admission to the Tasting of Montilla-Moriles Wine is usually free at midday. But in the evening, we need to buy a tasting pass to enter the place. The Individual Pass, which is about 8 euros, includes admission, a wine-taster’s glass and five drinks.

Besides, if we wish so, we can get a guided pass with a wine expert, who can show us how to enjoy its smell, colour and flavour. It is anyway the perfect place for good wine lovers, for those who want to start learning or just to have a good time with family and friends.

If you are wondering what to visit in Córdoba, a good option would be the Tasting of Montilla-Moriles Wine, choosing one of our guided tours. Choosing to do high quality sightseeing is choosing ArtenCórdoba.

Text: J.A.S.C.

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